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Tina Good - FCCC President

The Faculty Council of Community Colleges (FCCC) is the statewide faculty governance group for all thirty of SUNY’s community colleges. For over 40 years, we have been representing community college faculty and student interests. We have active delegates from every community college within SUNY (Select Colleges for names and contact information for FCCC Delegates and Alternates). As an organization, we work closely with SUNY System Administration, the community college presidents (NYCCAP), the University Faculty Senate (UFS), and SUNY’s community college campus governance leaders (Select Governance for names and contact information for campus governance leaders). We also have many other liaison relationships (See Liaisons).

As a community college organization, we focus on the mission of community colleges. We believe in The Power of Community Colleges. We view community colleges as democracy’s colleges. Because of our mission of access and affordability, community colleges offer all Americans the opportunity to participate in higher education at anytime in their lives. The hope that community colleges provide to all is too often taken for granted until tight budgets begin to chip away at our ability to provide open access.

As a faculty governance group, our priorities are determined by principles of academic excellence, academic freedom, and sound shared governance practices. You can access the FCCC's positions on these principles by selecting Position Statements.

Everyday there are new challenges and opportunities facing community colleges’ faculty and students, and we hope all of our constituents will reach out to us with their ideas and their concerns. Through conversation and collaboration, we can continue to provide diverse and innovative programs of study that meet the needs of our students, our communities, and our world.

I hope that you will find this website a useful resource on community colleges.

Tina Good, PhD.

Faculty Council of Community Colleges

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